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The Spa…
Enjoy the quiet comfort and ambiance and our complimentary amenities:
Beverage bar, shower facilities, robes, slippers and warm blanket or cold pack while you relax.

Bring a list of any prescriptions or vitamins you are taking to your first massage or spa service visit.  You will be asked to complete a health form prior to your first session in our spa.  Your therapist will then discuss your health with you.  Please notify us of any changes in health conditions prior to each session. 

 Please let your therapist know if you need your pressure adjusted.  Your personal comfort is our top priority.  If you would prefer a different therapist/stylist please let us know and we will accommodate you.

 If you are pregnant, please see your doctor prior to coming in, and bring a note stating you are able to receive a massage, and let our staff know when you make your appointment so we can be prepared if you have special needs.

 Drink plenty of water before and after each massage or body work session, to aid detoxification and prevent muscle stiffness and dehydration. 

 Do not shave within 24 hours prior to your body work session (scrubs, sunless tanning or wraps).  After a body scrub, be sure you wear sunscreen if going outside; your skin will be at higher risk to burning.  You should not go in a tanning bed within 48 hours after a body scrub.  We provide towels for draping during SPA Services. Disposable undergarments are available upon request and you are welcome to bring a bathing suit to wear instead if you wish.

Journey Into Massage Therapy:
We are delighted to provide you with the following massagestyles, combined into an "Integrated" massage session that is customized just for you.Healing Palms Spa new Massge Rooms

Integrated Massage Pricing

30 Minutes $45
60 Minutes $60
90 Minutes $90
120 Minutes $130

Integrated Massage Techniques

This gentle form of massage (light to medium pressure) relaxes your muscles, eases aches and pains, improves circulation, brings nutrition to your muscles and flushes out toxins. We can use a firm pressure when doing Swedish massage, however it is not designed to focus on specific muscles or problem areas.  If you need that type of work done, please see Deep Tissue Therapy.  We would love to enhance your experience with Aromatherapy, please ask your therapist what scents are available and pricing.

Not into “being rubbed” or just need a gentler technique? Cranio-Sacral work targets your cranium, spinal cord and sacrum to release tension and restore mobility of these areas using light pressure point therapy and stretches.  This technique is very gentle and relaxing. Release of tension using this technique increases blood flow to the organs and eases headaches, low back pain, and other discomforts from tight muscles. This technique is not a full body massage and does not include rubbing of the skin.  It can be performed while dressed for people who prefer it.

Signature Services

30 Minutes $55; 60 Minutes $70
If you have had a massage before and didn’t feel you were getting enough pressure, this technique is for you.  This style focuses on specific points to relieve deep painful knots, frozen shoulder, over stressed tendon’s and restoring circulation to the muscles.  Depending on your needs, a 1 hour session may not be enough for a full body session when choosing this approach.  For ongoing troubles, we recommend you come back for regular therapy to bring longer lasting benefits for your body.

Healing Palms Spa Prenatal Massage RitualMOTHER TO BE MASSAGE RITUAL
30 Minutes $55; 60 Minutes $70
Our specialized pre-natal massage skills combined with cushions designed for the mom-to-be so she can lay comfortably on her stomach while receiving her care are the must have in pre-natal care!

45 Minutes $75
Lift away stress with this specialty ritual that uses a combination of aromatherapy, heat, and cupping therapy.  This specialty service eases tension and muscle pain.  Focus is the scalp, face, neck, shoulders & back.

30 Minutes $55; 60 Minutes $70
This acupressure technique dating back 5000 years and promoted by Hippocrates himself, is a gentle, non-invasive technique which energizes the body.  Cupping has been found to affect the body up to four inches into the tissuescausing tissues to release toxins, relieve headaches and migraines, reduce fatigue, normalize body weight, opens the lungs and chest as a treatment for colds and pneumonia (not to replace medical care), improves memory, clear colon blockages, help activate and clear the veins, arteries, capillaries, revitalize the skin, clear stretch marks, scar tissue and improve varicose veins, reduce adhesion's,  smooth cellulite, help produce better quality and quantity of natural collagen enhancing tissue repair.  A cupping massage at Healing Palms Spa provides the best deep tissue massage available, creating faster, longer lasting results than massage alone. Our proprietary techniques and specialized training will also reduce the risks of getting cup kisses associated with this technique.  Sites where there is old trauma or injury may require multiple treatments to remove all stagnation.  This technique is also available as a facial add on to help reduce the signs of aging.  For more information on click here http://www.bellabaci.co.za/

30 Minutes $55; 60 Minutes $70
This acupressure technique helps balance your body’s energy, releases blockages and increases circulation allowing better body function by releasing blockages in the hands, feet and ears.  Recommend this technique to your friend or family member suffering from arthritis, stiff joints in the hands or feet, or poor circulation in the extremities.

WARM BUTTERED STONE MASSAGE Healing Palms Spa Warm Buttered Stone Massage
60 min $80; 90 min $110
Feel your cares melt away as the combination of rich organic shea butter or organic coconut oil and warm stones swirling across your body invigorates your senses.  Add essential oils for an indulgent treat for your body, mind and spirit. 

30 minutes $92; 60 minutes $126.50; with stones $216
Share a room with your best friend for a relaxing treat!   Choose your significant other, child or best friend and create a memory together.

(To be eligible for these prices, these enhancements must be added to another service)  
Essential oils are added to your massage oil or lotion, or spa treatment for an enjoyable element of aroma to increase relaxation, circulation and more.  Pure Essential oils have been shown to affect the body both physically and mentally. We use 100% pure essential oils for their therapeutic properties.

Face $45
Neck $40
Body $55

REVIVE FACE MASK $20              
This mask can be added to any massage, spa or facial service.  Tone & tighten pores, increase skins elasticity & natural beauty for a healthful glow. 

Cleansing, facial massage, & application of skin specific moisturizer combined with any massage for a full body bliss.

Spa Services Healing Palms Spa Signature Body Cleansing Ritual

Body treatments are an age old tradition and are at the heart of the Spa experience.  Soothe your skin while you enjoy the quiet retreat of our Spa and the meditative, private and personal nature of our spa rituals. A two-step full body exfoliation using mineral enhanced buffers invigorates your senses while removing dead skin cells, smoothes the appearance of cellulite, drawing out skin impurities and softening your skin. Organic home treatment products are available in many varieties...call for details.  

This detoxifying spa treatment breaks up fat cells, decreases the formation of cellulite and increases metabolism.  Rich Coffee, Hawaiian Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Aloe, Vitamin E Oil, Vanilla and Rosemary Extracts create an aroma to revere.

Hydrating Coconut Body Scrub and Massage. Deep sea salts blended with aromatic, nourishing coconut and macadamia nut oils to exfoliate, soften and hydrate your skin.

SERENITY RITUAL BODY MASK $85 (may be customized for your skin type)
Enjoy a cocoon of warmth while soaking in our exquisite clays. This wrap helps to tone and tighten loose skin, cellulite and your pores. Sauna enhances nutrient absorption.

SEAWEED RITUAL TONING WRAP $95 (Allergens: Iodine, Seafood, Heat)
This indigenous body wrap using deep mineralizing seaweeds is a Healing Palms Spa Exclusive. Due to the unique vitamin enrichment of organic Wild Seaweeds, this experience helps restore firmness to the skin, replenishes lost nutrients, and effectively removes accumulated toxins.  Contouring Lotion is massaged in to improve skin's elasticity, tone and moisturize with its powerful anti-oxidant properties for a firming end to this session. While this wrap is effective for cellulite management, athletic recovery and inflammation relief, it makes for a truly fabulous spa experience. Your skin and soul will love it!

Get a summer glow without harmful tanning beds.  Moisture rich and dramatically softens skin making it good for your skin.  No exfoliation, Lasts 7-10 days.

STEAMY WONDER SAUNA $35; with massage + $15; your personal time is well spent relaxing on a massage table with trickling fountains and soft music.  Detoxifies, relaxes the muscles, immune support, firms & tightens skin.  Aromatherapy/herbs available if desired.  Great for people with Asthma!

Ear Candling is a safe, simple, natural way to remove excess wax and debris from inside the ears. Ear Candling is great for everyone, but especially those who work outdoors; are in dusty or noisy environments; participate in water activities; have chronic ear aches; allergies; feel blockage in the ears; wear hearing aids; get sinus infections; or have excess wax build up. 
*(Please do not ear candle if you have tubes in your ears or are taking antibiotics)

PARAFFIN WRAPS Hands-$10; Feet-$15
A great way to end any spa or massage service to add moisture and soothe aching joints


Delightful Packages

Our services can be tailored to men and women equally.  You can discuss your needs with our reservation specialist to customize your visit.
Enjoy a complimentary cup of organic tea or coffee with your day of relaxation.
Add a Scone or Latte to any package for $5; Catered lunch $10
Please order when booking. No substitutions.

This is great for anyone seeking an instant healthy glow, while not compromising the health of the skin due to sun exposure.  Great to prepare for a vacation so you are beach ready, or after a vacation to prolong a suntan.  Includes: Body Polish, shower and hand applied instant tan.  Pleasant smell, no orange. 

This service begins with a dry brush exfoliation, enhanced with Tate's miracle lotion massaged into your skin for ultimate hydration and finished with Fake Bake Sunless Tanning application for a wonderful glow.

SERENITY PACKAGE   $115Healing Palms Span Relaxing Spa Experiences
-Organic Serenity Body Mask
-Moisturizing Body Butter Massage
-Personal Sauna Session
-Face/scalp massage

Demand this royal treatment for smooth, hydrated skin from your toes to your nose.  This decadent treat features rich chocolate & mint aroma enhanced body treatment to exfoliate the skin and stimulate healthy cell renewal, toning steamy wonder sauna brings minerals to the skin, improves elasticity & reduces cellulite. Finish with a spa elixir mini hand ritual.

Park in 12 hour lot for this day
-1 Hr warm buttered stone massage
-Choice of body polish
-Facial bliss with Algae mask
-Fancy Hands Retreat
-Sweet Feet Treat


It is our goal to provide you excellent quality products and services that are natural and toxin free yet provide the benefits you desire for your skin.  A healthy glowing complexion is what you will get when you indulge yourself in one of our Signature Facelift Massage facial treatments.  We choose our products to work with the skin so you don’t break out after receiving one like is common in a traditional facial.

Discover your skin's potential with our signature 30 minute Facelift Massage. As with all our services, our Facelift Massages use chemical free products to naturally enhance beauty of your facial skin, while relaxing you with specialized massage techniques.  This treatment is a great booster for between your more in depth facials or as a way to introduce you to our services.  Cleansing, toning and a mask will be applied leaving a healthy glowing complexion. 

We help you address your skin care concerns while providing stress relieving rituals incorporating customized aromatherapy, facial massage techniques, deep cleansing, exfoliation, and our signature toning and brightening mask all based on your particular needs.  You will be delighted as your hands and feet are treated to a special enhancement and massage that only we offer.

The ultimate state of relaxation is found with this delightful ritual that helps relieve stress and improve the quality of your skin.   This expanded holistic treatment adds benefits of facial cupping,  and a sugar hand and foot treatment plus your choice of face or neck contour wrap for enhanced wrinkle firming benefits.


REJUVENATE FACE MASK $20              
This mask can be added to any massage, spa or facial service.  Tone & tighten pores, increase skins elasticity & natural beauty for a healthful glow. 

This add on service is perfect for a touch up.  Cleansing, facial massage, & application of skin specific moisturizer combine it with any massage or spa service for a full body bliss.

Hands  $10
Feet   $15

An Exfoliation for the entire body to relieve dry skin symptoms.  Dry brushing may remove up to a pound of toxins from the body with each treatment.  Be sure to drink plenty of water or tea with any detoxification service to enhance benefits.


We have created a unique line of services that combine pampering reflexology techniques with skin care to repair and maintain the health of your skin on your hands and feet.  Continuous hand washing and harsh weather are only a few things that age the skin on your hands and feet quickly making them rough and dry.  When you are tired at the end of the day or week, why not let a professional ease your aches and pains.  Our facility is wheel chair/handicapped accessible.  If you need any special accommodations please inform us when making your reservation.

Relax before you get on the massage table, with this soothing aromatic foot soak and scrub. While your feet soak in a Himalayan sea salt bath enriched with aromatherapy and minerals, you enjoy some hot tea and listen to soft music. Your feet will be cleansed and exfoliated. Lastly, a foot cream will be massaged into the feet to hydrate and stimulate.

Begin with an invigorating aroma therapy treatment & hand soak, exclusive Healing Palms Spa exfoliating treatment, followed by an anti-aging hand elixir & paraffin wrap. A hot stone massage for the hands, wrists and forearms with a hot oil treatment is a royal treat.

Soak away your worries with an invigorating aroma therapy treatment & foot soak, exfoliation, followed by an anti-aging foot elixir treatment, paraffin wrap & hot stone foot & 1/2 leg massage with a hot oil treatment. 

HAND/FOOT ELIXIR-$10 (15 min) -Don’t let your hands give away your age, Indulge in this hand wrap to reduce wrinkles on your hands, feet or both.  

PARAFFIN WRAPS Hands-$10; Feet-$15
A great way to end any spa or massage service to add moisture and soothe aching joints

Our Reiki, Couples massage and Cupping for couples can be scheduled individually or for groups. Call for details or to set up a class.

-Reiki Level 1   $225
-Reiki Level 2
-Reiki Master 1
Raise you bodies energy with Reiki! Each class includes an attunement by a certified Reiki Instructor, Reiki Training Manual, 1 hour with the Instructor and one follow up session for questions and hands on practice.

-Couples Intro to Massage
-Couples intermediate

Each of these courses intends to help you and a partner learn the art of massage for home use, proper body mechanics and includes a booklet to take home. Must complete couples Intro to Massage to register for Couples Intermediate.

Bring a friend and learn how cupping can help break up adhesions, tension and scar tissue as well as smooth cellulite. This class teaches you how to safely practice this art at home with a partners help. Includes one set of cupping tools.